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International-Project-Manager-TheatreArtLifeBy Aurelie Gandilhon

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Editors Note: Translated from French

If the following list does not phase you, you might be this industry’s next great International Project Manager! I have been working internationally for a number of years and I have learned that these are the skills required to manage this lifestyle. Check them out and see if this is the life for you!

  1. Negotiating your own contract as well as you can with your future bookers and partners.
  2. Relentlessly boarding planes, day after day.
  3. Making sure that your passport is always on you and as far as possible from its expiration date.
  4. Knowing your new project inside out and remembering every detail of it in a matter of hours or of a few days.
  5. Assessing a project’s technical, logistical, financial and human needs.
  6. Being as productive at sunrise as at nightfall.
  7. Functioning with only a few hours of sleep.
  8. Managing both your stress and others’.
  9. Stepping back when faced with a difficult situation or other complication that compromises your schedule.
  10. Finding quick and efficient solutions regardless of the country and conditions you are in.
  11. Having and maintaining a good survival instinct.
  12. Working with a variety of foreign accents and languages.
  13. Asking for and getting the right helpers.
  14. Being beyond diplomatic with your colleagues.
  15. Keeping discouragement and momentary loss of motivation out of the workplace.
  16. Nothing more than a few sporadic minutes to talk to your family per day.
  17. Eating whatever and whenever you can.
  18. Constant changes in habits.
  19. Having a smile on your face at all times, regardless of how tired you might be.
  20. Spending long hours sitting in international meetings.
  21. Being unable to say “yes” all the time.
  22. Wearing security shoes, a construction helmet and a yellow jacket that will ruin your look… Forever!
  23. Kissing that libido goodbye.
  24. Working in the dust.
  25. A taxi ride in the deepest corner of the darkest woods to find a shop that can fix that one prop.

Only a true Project Manager at heart and soul will not let this list phase them. Come join us!

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